About Us

Our Business Model Consisting of Dealers,Franchise,Partner shops and Executives

Delears_Our Smart Force

In each district A2Z@HOME have a dealer.Dealer is the appointing authority of subFranchise, Executives and Shops. A2Z@HOME is well versed with all types of marketing and promoting activities and has more than two years of experience in the field of different types of marketing.

Franchise-Our Strength

In each Legistative assembly we have a 150 Square feet Franchise office for the premotional activities of A2Z@HOME and under every Franchise 30-40 executives works exclusively for the premotional activities of A2Z@HOME

Shops-Our Partner

In each and every town A2ZHOME have tie up with two shops in every category. These shops are actually our partners and strength to do business. these participating shops act as a link between A2ZHOME and customers. A2ZHOME always tries to maintain and boost up the brand value of our partner shops

Executives-Our Pillars

For every Panchayath, we have five well trained and professional Executive works for the marketing and selling of the A2ZHOME privilege cards. These Executives are the main promoters of A2ZHOME and the shops

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