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welcome to A2Z@Home



A2Z@Home opens a door in the field of business activities to both the customers and sellers in a mutual way.

A2Z@Home is a business promoting company headquartered at Palakkad,Kerala.

The company issues Privilage Cards to its members,on production of which,the members can avail a discount of 1% -30% on each purchase from the tie up shops or institutions .

The company aims at disrtributing nearly 30000 constituency in India.

More over the card comes with an accidental death coverage of Rs.50000/- and accidental hospitalization coverage of Rs.25000/- which is backed up by the United India Insurance Company.

A2Z@Home Provides service aiming at maximization of sales for shop keepers & minimization of costs for the customers through the pivilege card.

Our Partner Shops Will Have the Advantage Of

Continuosly Getting Customers To The Partner Shops.

No Additional Bargains From The Side Of Customers .

Getting adverticement and promotions to the partner shops from the side of A2Z@Home.

Getting adverticement space in our brochure .

Get a chance to promote bussiness to the genuine customers through SMS and social media.

Partner shop will get 30-40 executieves for the promotional works.

Partner shop can save money for furthur advverticements.

Partner shops get achance to participate in all events conducted by A2Z@Home.


A Company With A Mission

Our Mission is to provide authentic and comprehensive business support;thereby we will be creating a bridge between customer and shops , and in turn, providing ample business opportunities in today's comprehensive market.

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